Our Story 

Amrita is a family owned business located in Athens, Greece. Being trained in various energy healing practices ourselves, we could feel the need for a continuous form of energy renewal and how others could benefit from this as well. Synergistically combining our affinity towards fashion and creativity, marketing and management, spirituality and science, Amrita was born. Our philosophy revolves around the scientifically proven mental and physical benefits of grounding, as well as those of crystal healing.

Amrita is the first footwear brand worldwide to incorporate energy healing crystals in their designs. The crystals, which are in fact semi-precious stones, can easily be screwed on and off allowing you to alternate them according to your healing needs or outfit.  Our shoes are handmade in Greece with traditional methods using only the finest leathers –natural and soft to the touch; while adorned with beautiful, interchangeable energy healing crystals for added aesthetic appeal and therapeutic benefit.

Our soles are 100% leather, allowing grounding (the beneficial exchange of energy between the Earth and our bodies) to take place as nature intended.

We take pride in our designs and wish to bring balance, elegance, empowerment and healing to your daily life. Amrita’s mission is to impact health and wellbeing globally, by offering consumers more than just a fashion product, but rather, a means to take advantage of nature’s immense healing powers on a daily basis.